How I use my New Weekly Layouts

How I use my new weekly layout

Here we go again! The first week of school is over and I’m already busy with assignments. So this month I’m trying out a new weekly layout for my Bullet Journal. Sometimes I wish that life wasn’t going so fast..

When I started my Bullet Journal I was already at the end of my third year of school. I had finished a lot of my assignments and there wasn’t much to do anymore. It was perfect for me to try out my Bullet Journal without having a lot to plan!

But now it’s different. Last week I started with my fourth year at the uni and I’m already busy! I needed a way to combine my tasks for school, personal life, work and household. In my Bullet Journal Setup: September 2016 you can read about my new monthly spread which includes all things above.

Tasks and appointments in montly log

I thought that my new monthly layout was enough to keep everything organized. After only a day(!) I noticed that my monthly spread wasn’t enough. I wanted to “zoom” a bit more into my schedule. My dailies worked fine but didn’t allow me to visualize what I had going for the week.

At that moment I realized that I had to make a new weekly layout that showed me everything I needed to do during the week.

Setting Up

There were a few things that bothered me while using a monthly view and daily spread. I didn’t had the whole week at a glance and I couldn’t see all the tasks I got over the week. So that’s when I knew that I needed a tasks list in my new weekly layout. With a weekly view I can prepare myself for the activities for the following days.

So I was on a good way with setting up my new weekly layout! But there was something more. Most of the days at school I get some ‘homework’ to do for the next week. I couldn’t write those tasks in my monthly spread and I had a weekly spread for just one week! So instead of making a weekly spread one by one, I made five layouts in a row for the whole month! When I get tasks to do for the following week I immediately write them down at the correct day. But don’t be disappointed, I still use my daily spreads! I now use my dailies for the smaller tasks every day and some tasks for school, and as always I love my dailies for a little journaling about the day!

Another page full of dailies

So this is what the right page of my new weekly layout looks like. Every day of the week has its own section. At the top of each section I wrote down the name and the date of the day. Below the name is some space for ‘bigger tasks’ and events (the smaller tasks are in my dailies). At the bottom part of each day I added a time tracker. In the time trackers I add the daily tasks and appointments.
The trackers are give me an overview of the day and of the week! I see exactly what my plans are for the day. But most of the time, the time trackers are showing me what is coming that week. I use the same color coding system as in my dailies.

Color Coding System

I use the following colors to visualize the different tasks. These are my most used ‘things’ every day. Of course if you want to use other colors or different tasks, you can customize it the way you want!

  • Blue – Sleep
  • Green – Work
  • Violet – Internship
  • Purple – Event
  • Orange – College
  • Red – Travel
  • Dark Blue – Blog

Weekly time tracker

At the left page of my weekly spread I added six sections for the things that I need to do for that week. There’s a to-do section where I write down tasks that needs to be done but don’t have a certain day. There’s also a blog section where I write down a list that needs to be done before I publish a new blogpost. The same applies for the home section.
The reading section is for the progress of the book I’m currently reading. And the notes and next week section are obvious.
Those sections are giving me a pretty nice overview of the week, and with the daily sections and time trackers it’s perfect!

First half of weekly spread

Drawing and Coloring

As you can see I really like to draw in my weekly layouts. The paper of my NUUNA notebook is snow white so every color looks beautiful on the paper. The first weeks of my weekly spreads are a jungle theme. There are some frogs, birds and a toucan on the pages. All animals are living in a gorgeous green environment. For week 1.3 I have a new theme in mind, so be sure to checkout the social media!

So, how did I start? The first thing I did when I drew the new weekly spread is the basic setup. I drew every line which is required for the basic setup. You can see the progress in the pictures below.

Weekly Blank Layout

The next step is to fill in all tasks, lists and appointments. After that I started drawing the doodles on the page. I always start drawing with a pencil. It gives me more time to draw the things the way I want it. When the drawing with pencil is done I get my Staedtler fineliner 0,05mm to start with the outlines of the drawings.

Last but not least: I’m adding some beautiful bright colors to the pages with my Staedtler Noris club colored pencils!

Work on progress

Used Supplies in this Setup

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. How do you setup your weekly spread? I’d love to hear your ideas! Let me know in the comment section below! 

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Natascha is the designer and illustrator behind Planning Routine. She inspires people to start their own Bullet Journal or Planner. To make this easier, she has opened an Etsy shop with planner stickers and printables.

  • I like this idea. I haven’t used dailies, but I can see the benefit. Your artwork is stunning!

    • Thank you for your kind words! You can always try it out for a week or two. If it doesn’t fit you, no problem! Isn’t the bullet journal great?!

  • I mean- I haven’t used WEEKLY spreads! Sorry about that!

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    This is cool stuff, I showed my girlfriend this. She loved this, and is making her very own. Thanks!

    • Super! Nice to hear! I’m curious to see the result (:

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