A Student’s Guide to Bullet Journaling

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Have you always been wondering how you can combine your student life with your Bullet Journal? What’s the best way to track your study progress? Today I’m going to tell you about how I use my Bullet Journal during my student life.

Why I Made the Switch from an Agenda to a Bullet Journal

Since I started the university I have always used a regular agenda. There was plenty enough space in the first agendas that I used. Most of the pages where empty or full of doodles because my life wasn’t that busy. *Sigh, the good old days… *

But when I went to university I noticed that when time passes by there was a little less space on the pages. The doodles disappeared and the pages became full of tasks and texts. sometimes I didn’t even understand what I had written down! So the next year I bought a larger agenda and all the problems would be solved! And guess what? It didn’t…

I had more assignments, rehearsals and due dates that even my larger agenda exploded with texts and notes! I even begin to use sticky notes to save some space!
There was a lot of frustration going on in that little notebook. Thank god I discovered the Bullet Journal System a few months later!

A very full agenda

The Bullet Journal System was an eye-opener for me. In the beginning it was a little overwhelming and I didn’t quite understand how every spread and log worked. After a few days of researching I started my very first Bullet Journal!

I really love the flexibility of the system. You can add as many different pages as you want. So this system is perfect for me! I can combine my work, household and student life in one single notebook. It’s even a diary for me! (more about this here)

But today I’m going to talk about the study part of my Bullet Journal, If you want to know more about my Bullet Journal in general, just take a look at the other blogposts!

Semester Overview

I’ve tried a few spreads to have an overview of my study tasks. When I started my first Bullet Journal, I was in the last semester of my third year. At that time I was using a Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Dotted Notebook.

For my study overview I made a spread on two pages. I gave all my subjects an abbreviation so everything should fit on the pages. For this spread I wanted it to be a good overview with the tasks and due dates I gave myself. Each subject was divided into small tasks. I made a schedule for eight weeks, the number of weeks from my semester. Because I often forgot the school week, I listed the dates below the numbers of the week.

Study Tracker Leuchtturm 1917

This spread worked perfect for me! I had a nice overview of the tasks I had to do, and I could see if I was behind my schedule or not. But sadly when I was halfway through, I had to add more tasks. It didn’t fit on the page anymore!
I needed to make another study tracker. But with this one I chose to only appoint the tasks on the page. I just saved me a lot of time and when the tasks was finished, I checked it.

Study To Do List Leuchtturm 1917

Time for a new tracker

Recently I switched over to a brand new Nuuna Graphic L Notebook. This notebook is perfect to me and gives me much more space (click here for more on this)! I started working in my Nuuna at the start of my last year of uni. I definitely needed a new study tracker, but I didn’t want to make multiple trackers.  I have decided to create new trackers for each semester.

On the first page is a list of all the courses that I have this semester. Among the subjects is a brief structure of the assignment. There isn’t any detailed explanation on this page, it’s just an overview of all the subjects. See the left page for the overview.

Study Tracker

Then, each subject has its own page. All the assignments are divided into smaller tasks. But this time I’ve omitted the numbers of the week. It’s very difficult to exactly keep on a schedule. This way I hope that I don’t have to make a tracker again (:

One College Spread

Daily Planning

I don’t use my dailies just for school. It’s a nice spread that keeps me updated about my life. I use my dailies for small tasks and some notes that have to do with my study.
Every day I take a look at my study tracker and decide how much time I have to work on assignments. So I decide every day what I do. Sometimes life comes around and I don’t have time to do any task! Want to know more about my daily setup or time tracker? Take a look at this blogpost.

Another page full of dailies

Weekly planning

As you may have read in my previous blogpost, I also use a weekly spread for my study. The weekly spread is a page where I place notes that last for several days or take place the next week.
I plan the whole week in advance so I know what’s waiting for me during the week. During this planning, I use a color coding system. With one single glance I can see exactly what I’ve planned.

New weekly spread of my first week of college

If you would like to see more of my weekly setup, check out this blogpost! I really hope that my way of using my Bullet Journal for my study has helped anyone out there!

Used Supplies in this Setup

How do you use your Bullet Journal while you are in school?
Let me know in the comment section below!

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Natascha is the designer and illustrator behind Planning Routine. She inspires people to start their own Bullet Journal or Planner. To make this easier, she has opened an Etsy shop with planner stickers and printables.

  • Stevey

    This is awesome!

    Your bujo is beautiful, and totally useful for school. I use mine for school too, but it doesn’t come out nearly as pretty and I actually find myself keeping track of my school work digitally for the most part. I’m going to try a few of your spreads though! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hi Stevey, I’m so glad you found this helpful! It’s definitely worth giving it a try for your next one. Good luck, and thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Elen

    Hiya, I really like your blog and have a problem with my bullet journal !
    I’m in high school and started my bujo this school year at the start everything was great and I had fun with calligraphy and designs but the overload of homework made things difficult I didn’t have the time to fill it in and pages don’t look great. I don’t have a school tracker and my monthly spread is rubbish.
    I really appreciate the help your blog has already given me and hope you have any more tips for me.
    Thank you!!

    • Thank you Elen! I have the same troubles when I’m very busy with school. The Bullet Journal system is very flexible, so you can change everything in a way it works for you. When I don’t have much time to make my Bullet Journal ‘pretty’ I just draw out the functional elements. Those spreads aren’t colored or full of doodles. You can find some pictures of those ’empty’ spreads on my Instagram feed. And, next week I’ll publish a new blogpost about my October setup. I’ll will also talk about the functional elements of my setup. So maybe you will get a little bit inspiration from my ‘unpretty’ spreads (:

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