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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions from people around the world! It’s great to see that people are curious about Bullet Journaling. Some questions are asked on a regular base and that inspired me to write this post where I try to answer the most frequently asked questions about my Bullet Journal.

I really love to answer all your questions, so if you have any questions, you are free to ask them and I will add them to this growing list of frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is That ‘Colored Number Line’ in Your Daily Spread?

This is by far the most frequently asked question.
It’s a Time Tracker The numbers represent the hours of the day. I usually start with 5:00 and end with 23:00. Between 23:00 and 5:00 I usually sleep, so it’s not really important to write them down every day.

Dailies with Time Trackers

I color the numbers for different events. This way I know how much free time I have on a day and how much I need to do. The colors bring me to the next question, which is:

What do the Colors Represent?

This is a great questions and actually, it doesn’t really matter. You can choose any color you want for any kind of task you want! But to answer the question, I will share my color index for my time tracker with you.

Color index for time tracker:

  • Blue: Sleep
  • Green: Work
  • Orange: College
  • Red: Traveling
  • Pink: Internship
  • Other colors: Events or Appointments

Sometimes, for longer or very specific tasks, I mark it with a color and fill the time tracker with that specific color. You can see it in the picture below.

Dailies With Time Trackers

P.S: Thiday is not a mistake: Thursday + Friday = Thiday! I was a little late with the daily, so I decided to combine them.

Beautiful colors in Your Time Tracker! How do you do that?

I actually get quite a lot of questions about these colors. The time trackers are filled using  Zebra Mildliners. These are really perfect in that way that the tip perfectly fits between the dots of the Nuuna Notebook. It’s so satisfying!

Zebra MildlinersWhere did You Get Those Markers?

You can just get them online. They are actually pretty easy to find and not really that expensive!

What is Your Favorite Pen?

I have a lot of favorites, but my most used pen in the Bullet Journal must be the Staedtler Pigment Liners. There are light and have a comfortable grip.

My favorite fountain pen is the Lamy Vista with an extra fine nib. I love the grip and looks of the Lamy Vista. Read my review to learn more about the Lamy Vista. I use the Noodlers Black Waterproof Ink with the Lamy. This ink is really, really black and, as the name suggests, it’s waterproof!

What Notebook Do You Use?

I use a Nuuna Notebook. Nuuna is a German brand and have produced a lot of great notebooks since they’ve started. They are great quality, have white paper and beautiful limited edition designs!

If you are not sure if you want one, you should read my review where I compare the Nuuna with the very popular Leuchtturm1917.

How Long Does a Notebook Last Before It’s Full?

I actually don’t know!, I haven’t made it through a complete notebook yet! Right now I have used about 30% of the Nuuna, which I  started using in September. So I guess it will last about 9 months before it’s full. Of course this really depends on the notebook you are using. The Nuuna is quite thick, so it will probably last a little longer then other notebooks.

Ask me again next year and I can tell you for sure!

How Do I Start a Bullet Journal? Where to Begin?

A lot of people don’t really know where to start when it comes to Bullet Journaling. There are a lot of different spreads and ideas going on and it can be overwhelming for a newcomer. The one thing I say to every starter is: Keep it simple! Start with the basics and work from there. Read my ‘how to get started‘ page and start Bullet Journaling.

If you have any other questions, leave in the comment section below and I will answer them as soon as possible!

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Natascha is the designer and illustrator behind Planning Routine. She inspires people to start their own Bullet Journal or Planner. To make this easier, she has opened an Etsy shop with planner stickers and printables.

  • Hey Philippine!

    You could keep track of the things you really love to do. This could be anything you like! One of my hobbies is reading; that’s why I created the book review page. But if you like to game, you could make a spread on how your character is leveling. Or if you like music, make a spread with awesome artists you discovered.
    Just think about things that progress over time. 🙂 Does this help you?

    • Philippine L.

      Yes thank you very much! I also love reading, so I think I’m gonna create a book review page, where I will write if I like it or not.
      If I understood correctly, your advice is to use the bullet journal more for fun than for planning, and to create for example to do list when I need it ?

      • You should use it mostly for planning, but you said you didn’t had much to plan 😉 I love to use my Bullet Journal for planning and also to keep track of the things I love to do. There are a lot of things you can write down and I wanted to give some ideas 😉

  • xyzxyzxyz

    Start by writing down what you plan to do each day. If your at school or uni you have some homework write down when you plan to do it and how long it will take. Start off day by day and then try out weekly planning, to see if that helps more than daily planning.

    • Philippine L.

      Thank you for your advices! I think that writing the time I feel I need to do my homework will help me at least spread myself! I hope it will works for me. Thanks again!