7 Tips to Stay Motivated with your Bullet Journal

7 tips to stay motivated with your bullet journal

First of all I want to wish everybody a happy new year! Last year has been amazing and I am looking forward to what 2017 will bring. I started Bullet Journaling in 2016 and so far it’s been an amazing experience! I feel less stressed and more organized. But I had a few moments where I struggled to be motivated with my Bullet Journal. I’m sure that I am not the only one and I would like to share some tips to stay motivated!

7 Tips to Stay Motivated with your Bullet Journal

People have asked me a lot of times for tips to stay motivated. I’d love to share a few tips I’ve given to them with you!

7 tips to stay motivated with your bullet journal

#1: Keep it Simple

Bullet Journaling can be very overwhelming if you are just getting started. There are many, many different spreads and a lot of beautifully colored notebooks out there! But remember that the Bullet Journal is a organization method; it doesn’t have to be packed with doodles and drawings. Focus on a productive layout first. If you have found a good way of using your Bullet Journal, you can always add drawings.

There are also a lot of different stickers on the market to make Bullet Journaling even faster and simpler! Take a look at my shop to find a good variety of stickers!

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#2: Make it your own

The Bullet Journal is your personal notebook. It’s for you and for you alone. Don’t be afraid to write down things that come up in your mind. Just do it.

#3: Scrap the Things you don’t use

The Bullet Journal is a great way to track all kind of things. But everybody had a moment where they just didn’t care about tracking everything. Or maybe you are tired of writing the same task in you daily, weekly and monthly spread. If this sounds like you, just scrap the things you don’t use. It makes your Bullet Journal cleaner and more productive. This helps you stay motivated.

#4: Find out what is working for you

There are a lot of different Bullet Journalists, all with a different style. Use those styles as an inspiration to create your own style. Some things work and some things just don’t work for you. It’s okay to change your Bullet Journal or to make mistakes. The Bullet Journal is a forgiving organization system, so mistakes don’t really exist here.

I’ve written different posts you can use as an inspiration, one for Daily Layouts and one for Weekly Layouts. More are coming soon!

#5: Make it fun!

You can add some things that you like! Personally I like to add a quote or doodle here and there. For some people, making it too simple might take the fun away, so cheering up your Bullet Journal may be a way to motivate you to use it more.

#6: Don’t compare your Bullet Journal with others

It’s very easy to look to other Bullet Journals and compare it to your own. If you are not very creative, it can demotivating to see all those beautiful Bullet Journals out there. But remember that it’s a organization method and it just has to be useful for you. Don’t worry about the little mistakes and messy handwriting; it’s your Bullet Journal after all.

#7: Stop using other Organizing Methods

Maybe you are using other organization methods, like a calendar or different apps on your mobile. It can feel very useless to write down the same thing in different methods. Stop using other methods and make your Bullet Journal the main method of organization. Remember that you can write down whatever you like in your lovely notebook.

What is your Golden Tip?

Do you have another great tip I have missed? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Natascha is the designer and illustrator behind Planning Routine. She inspires people to start their own Bullet Journal or Planner. To make this easier, she has opened an Etsy shop with planner stickers and printables.

  • Elena


    Dit jaar moet ik mijn studiekeuze maken voor het hoger onderwijs. Ik zou dit graag een beetje overzichtelijk noteren in mijn bullet journal, maar heb helemaal geen idee hoe. Er zijn enkele opleidingen die mij interesseren en ik wil eigenlijk een beetje mijn proces kunnen noteren in mijn bullet journal. Zo is alles veel duidelijker en overzichterlijker. Heb jij misschien een idee hoe ik mijn proces kan noteren in mijn bulletjournal?


    • Hallo Elene! Leuk dat je volgend jaar gaat studeren!
      Ik zou zelf een of meerdere pagina’s maken met alle studies waar tussen je twijfelt. Zet op een rijtje wat je positief en negatief vind aan de studies en welke ervaringen je hebt opgedaan tijdens open dagen of meeloopdagen. Misschien heb je er wat leuke dingen over gelezen of lijkt je een bepaald beroep heel leuk om te doen. Schrijf op waarom je denkt dat iets leuk is of waarom het juist niet leuk is. Zo zet je voor jezelf op een rijtje waarom je een bepaalde studie zou moeten kiezen en kun je ook een keuze maken in wat je belangrijk vind.
      Denk je dat je hier wat aan hebt? 🙂 Veel succes met het maken van je keuze!

      • Elena

        Heel erg bedankt voor je ideeën! Ik had helemaal niet aan de opendagen en meeloopdagen. Je tips zijn echt nuttig!

  • pranita deshpande

    Very nice idea, best wishes for your writing

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope the tips motivates you to continue Bullet Journaling!