Bullet Journal Setup: February 2017

February Setup 2017

What a great start of the year! So many great thing already happened! My college is going great and I have had an awesome time with family and friends. It felt like a split second till the end of the month and January is almost over. That means it’s also time to look towards the future with a new setup for February! This month I decided to keep a simple style. Read everything in this post where I will show you my February setup!

January Review

I always take a little moment to review my previous setup: did I like it? Can i make it better? Do I want to chance something? This month I decided to go for a simpler style then previous months. I removed the flag banners above my weeklies and decided to go for a simple block style. The actual layout has stayed the same, but I just switched the looks this month.

I removed the note sections in my weeklies in my January setup and so far I like it. I didn’t use them much anyway, so I decided to keep it this way in my February setup.

February Setup 2017

February Setup 2017

Every month I choose a different theme for my setup and I was thinking what to choose for the February setup. After some thinking I realized that February is the shortest month of the year and because of that I have chosen to go for a Minimalistic theme this month! I kept everything as simple as possible and I must say I really, really like how this turned out!

I have used the  Lamy Vista Fountain Pen to draw all the lines in my Nuuna notebook. I continue to use my Zebra Mildliners to color the (daily) time trackers. I’m love with the colors of these beautiful highlighters. Check out my previous post to know more about these highlighters!

Monthly Spread

Never change a winning team and this monthly setup is a winner for me. I have kept the same layout as last month, but I decided to just draw the borders of the different sections to create that wonderful minimalistic theme. It’s a simple, but clear layout and it’s fast and easy to setup! Great if you’re a little bit short on time, like I’m at the moment.

Monthly Setup of February with Minimalistic Theme

How does the monthly spread work?

You may have noticed that my layout is a little bit different then the original Bullet Journal layout. The original monthly layout just didn’t gave me a clear overview of all the things happening, so I separated the pages in different sections. This allows me to categorize the different tasks and events in a clear overview. I have sections for work, college and a personal section.

The personal sections is where I write down birthdays, days off and appointments with friends or family. I don’t want to miss quality time with my beloved ones!

My work section contains all the hours I need to work. I have a part-time job at the local supermarket and this way I can keep track of the days I need to work.

The last section contains my college hours. I write down all the hours I’m at the university. The days that I’m free from the university, I’m working on my assignments. Since I have an internship every Thursday and Friday, I skip these in this section. It’s a recurring event and it doesn’t change until the end of this college year.

Below the personal, work and college sections I have two more sections for my goals: One for my personal goals and one for the blog. It motivates me if I have a few goals to achieve every month. Writing down the goals is a great motivator to improve!

The ‘Next Month’ spread is the last section I added to this monthly spread. I write down all the important appointments for next month in this section, like birthdays!

Weekly Spread

Just like in my January setup, I started with a monthly spread, followed by four weeklies in a row. I’m still doubting if I should use the Zebra Mildliners to color the weekly and monthly time trackers, but if you follow me on social media, you will find out soon enough if I colored them 🙂

Weekly Setup Minimalistic Look of February
Do you want to try this weekly spread but don’t want to draw them yourself? Go to my Etsy shop to find several printable and sticker versions of my weekly spreads and more and more added over time!

How does it work?

Weekly Time Tracker

I really love the weekly spreads! I combined the weekly overview with the same time trackers I also use in my daily spreads. Every day of the week has it’s own time tracker and tasks list. Above the time tracker is space for tasks and notes that apply to that day. I’m not quite sure how I will shape my weekly this month, but I do already have the outlines and the hours of my working day prepared for this month. In the example below you can see a filled in example of the weekly setup.

Filled Weekly Setup of January

Daily Planning

If you’ve followed me for some time you already know I love my dailies. I use the dailies for small tasks and notes that have to do mostly with my study. But what I love about the dailies is room to write down what happened that day! I use it as a diary. It’s great to read back the great things you have done after some time!

Want to know more about my daily setup or time tracker? Take a look at this blogpost.
You can also find my daily spreads in my Etsy shop!

Bullet Journal Daily Setup January

Used Supplies in this Setup

Another month, another setup. This is my Bullet Journal setup for February 2017. I love the minimalistic look of this and it’s very easy to make it yourself!

How are you going to setup February?  I’d love to hear what you think, let me know in the comment section below!

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