TWSBI ECO: Affordable Quality Fountain Pen

TWSBI Eco: An Affordable and quality Fountain Pen

It’s been a while since the last blogpost and a lot has changed the last weeks. The name of the blog and shop has changed to Planning Routine and I’m working on a new style of my Bullet Journal! I have bought a brand new Nuuna notebook (Milky Way Design) and a new book deserves new supplies. In this post I’m going to show you one of my newest additions: the TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen!

I have a few fountain pens: the Lamy Vista, Pilot Metropolitan and my newest addition, the TWSBI ECO. Why do I need another one you ask? The reason is simple: I wanted a finer nib! According to several sources, the TWSBI had a finer nib then the Lamy Vista and that’s why I bought this pen. I’ve been writing with it a few weeks now, so I thoughts it’s time to share if this pen indeed has a finer nib and if this is a good buy in general.

TWSBI Eco: An Affordable and quality Fountain Pen

Zoomed in on the TWSBI Eco Fountain PenThe TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen

The TWSBI Eco is a nice and sturdy fountain pen. It’s made out of high quality plastic and has a good grip. The ink is in the plastic barrel and I think that looks really awesome! There are some different colors and nibs to choose from, but I’ve got a clear plastic case with an extrafine nib.

Writing with the TWSBI Eco

The most important task of a fountain pen is of course the way it writes. I’ve been writing with it a few weeks now and although I like how it writes, but it doesn’t seem to be a lot finer then the Lamy Vista. I think this is because of the uncoated paper that the Nuuna has, but I’m not too sure about that.

Writing TWSBI Eco

This fountain pen is a great pen to write with. It has a good grip and the flow of the ink is very decent. The pen is approximately the same weight as the Lamy Vista, which is a good weight in my opinion. All with all this pen is great to write with!


Features of the TWSBI Eco

Let’s talk about some of the other features this fountain pen has to offer. First of all: the cap is screwed on instead of the more common ‘click’ system. You won’t lose the cap from this pen! On the cap is a very sturdy clip, so it’s possible to put in your notebook while you are on the road.

TWSBI has made a good effort in making the ink compartment as large as possible. The barrel is used as ink compartment and that results in a very large ink storage. On the back of a pen is little cap that can be twisted to fill the compartiment with ink when you dip the pen in ink. The ink is pushed downwards when you rotate the cap. This works very well and feels solid. It is clear that TWSBI knows what they are doing.

I’ve found only one disadvantage of this pen. It seems that pen can leak a little when you are on the move. I think this is because of the bumps it receives when traveling or maybe I haven’t been careful enough, but it may be something to consider when buying this pen.

Should I buy this pen?

I think this pen is a really good fountain pen. Writing with this pen is a pleasure and I personally love it! It has a nice grip, feels sturdy and has a good ink flow. Beside the small leakage I had when I was on the move, I haven’t found a single problem with the TWSBI Eco Fountain Pen. If you are not yet a lucky owner of a fountain pen, you should really consider buying this pen.

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