What’s in my Next Bullet Journal: The Things I Keep

My next Bullet Journal: The Things I Keep

You won’t believe it: my first Bullet Journal is almost full! After eight months of Bullet Journaling I have found a system that is working for me. It organizes my life in a way I never knew was possible, but a new book means a new change to organize everything even better! In this multi-part blogpost I’m showing you what I’m keeping in my new notebook and what I’m going to change, starting with the thing I keep.

My next Bullet Journal: The Things I Keep

New Nuuna Notebook

Before I go any further, I want to show you my new notebook. I’ve chosen another Nuuna notebook, because I really like the thick, white paper and the quality of the cover. The paper is not ghosting or bleeding as much as a lot of other notebooks. Beside the quality, I also love the beautiful designs Nuuna has to offer. They really have lot to choose from! If you want to read into more detail why I like the Nuuna your can read the review. But enough talking, here is my new notebook!

My New Nuuna Notebook

Isn’t it just lovely? Did you know that Nuuna has a lot more designs available?

Other Designs by Nuuna:

Things I’m keeping


I really love my current Bullet Journal setup! I love the overview, the way it looks and the amount of time it cost me to setup. It has proven to work for me and allows me to finish my thesis in time! (I hope…)


My dailies, there’s so much going on in my dailies. They are my diary, time tracker and to-do list. I really love to check back my dailies and read what I’ve done in the last few days. It is fun to do and gives me a flashback on what I did that day.

I used to write a lot with the Staedtler Pigment Liners, but recently I write a lot with the TWSBI Eco fountain pen. The colors are made with the Zebra Mildliners.

I wrote a review about both the TWSBI Eco and the Zebra Mildliners.

Daily met Time Tracker


The weeklies is something I only started doing a few months ago. In the beginning I thought it was pointless, but as I got more appointments and deadlines in a week, I started using them. It gives just enough overview to be handy. My weeklies consist of a time tracker and some room for notes. See the weeklies with ocean theme below!Monthlies Ocean Theme


Over time, I have changed my monthly layout a few times. I removed trackers, added notes and split the monthly view. When I was less busy with my thesis, I themed the month. Below is one I’m really proud of: My monthlies in Jungle theme!

September Monthly

My Drawings

My drawings are a keeper! I’ve made a lot of drawings in my current Bullet Journal and I’ll certainly make more in my next Bullet Journal. I made a collection with my favorite drawings for you!

Productivity Mandala

Productivity Mandala

The Dog Cycle

The Dog Cycle

Books to ReadBooks to Read Page

Hello March Page (Geometric Deer)Hello March Geometric Art Page

Frog from the Jungle ThemeFrog from the Forest Theme

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I’m planning to write another blogpost about my next Bullet Journal! If you want to see something else, let me know and I’ll cover it in my next post!

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