My Next Bullet Journal: Thing I Want to Try

My Next Bullet Journal: Things I'm Going to Try

You may know that my current Bullet Journal is almost full and I already have my next notebook ready for action. A new notebook means I get to try new things! Last week I wrote about the things I want to keep in my next Bullet Journal. This week I want to share the things I’m going to try out in my next Bullet Journal. If you haven’t read the previous post yet, you can click here.

My Next Bullet Journal: The Things I am Going to Try

First of all: I have decided to stay with the Nuuna notebook. I really like the quality and design of this book, so no change there. What I am going to change is the way I’ve structured my notebook and I am going to try out a few new spreads. Let’s start with the structure of the notebook.

My Next Bullet Journal: Things I'm Going to Try

Bullet Journal Structure

Currently I have structured my Bullet Journal in such a way that at the beginning of each month I have a monthly spread, followed by 4 or 5 weekly spreads. I write my dailies day by day and I write them down after the weeklies. I also have a few collections and lists here and there and it makes it  hard to find them between the dailies. I could solve this in several ways, but I’ve decided to keep it simple for myself.

At the start of my notebook I will make a key, which I’m going to talk about in a moment, and six monthlies in front. This is different from what I used to do. After that I’m going to place my setups (weeklies and dailies). I’m not going to place my collections between these setups, like I used to do, but I am going to place them at the end of the notebook.

I really want to try this out, because it has several advantages. First of all, my collections and lists will be easier to find. Secondly the setups will be easier to search through and will look cleaner. I think my Bullet Journal will look cleaner in general. There is only one way to find out if I’m right: try it out!

Spreads to try out

Beside the changes in the structure of my next notebook, I also want to try out a few things. I like to try something new or improve existing spreads.

When Did I Last….

One spread I definitely want to try out is the ‘When Did I last….’ spread. In this spread I will write things that I haven’t done in quite some time. I am not entirely sure what I am going to write down yet, but I have some ideas about it. Some examples:

When did I last:

  • Cleaned the cabinets?
  • Changed the bedsheets?
  • Watered the plants?
  • Finished a book?

When did I last spread

I not sure if this will work, but I am guessing it can give me something to think about. The last time I finished a book for example is quite some time ago. I hope it will turn out great!

Bullet Journal Key

The key is usually one of the first pages in the Bullet Journal. It’s purpose is very simple: it is a legend with the meaning of all the used symbols and colors. While I did use the same colors a lot of times, I didn’t had it written down anywhere yet. In my next Bullet Journal I’m going to make this more standard by writing it down in the beginning of my notebook.

First page of the bullet journal : the key 🔑 || #bulletjournalkey #leuchtturm1917 #bulletjournal #bujo

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I’m probably going to use the following symbols and colors in my next Bullet Journal:


  • Tasks: Bullet
  • Events: Open Bullet
  • Notes: Dash
  • Important: Exclamation mark
  • Numbers: To give ordering to tasks: which one has to be completed first, second, etc.


I use Zebra Mildliners for most of the colors. These colors are mainly used in time trackers.

  • Work: Groen
  • Sleep: Blue
  • University: Orange
  • Internship: Light purple
  • Appointments: Dark purple
  • Travel: red
  • Planning Routine: Gray

More ideas!

I think this is about it for my next Bullet Journal. I’d love to hear if you have any more good ideas for my next Bullet Journal, let them know in the comment section below this post!

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