The Traveling Bullet Journal Arrived!

The Traveling Bullet Journal Arrived in the Netherlands

What an exciting day it is! I got a very special package yesterday and I want to share it with you. The package contains a very precious notebook, a lot of you people already know about: a Bullet Journal! But this Bullet Journal is not an ordinary one, because this one has seen a lot of England, Germany, Denmark, Norway and lastly the Netherlands. Let me tell you about this exciting traveling Bullet Journal from @JournalWithPurpose!

The traveling Bullet Journal is a project from Helen Colebrook from the United Kingdom. The idea of a traveling Bullet Journal started in October last year. Since then the Bullet Journal has seen a lot of Europe and it’s amazing that it arrived in my mailbox yesterday! All the amazing work my previous Bullet Journalists has put in it is just amazing to see!

The Traveling Bullet Journal Arrived in the Netherlands

Contributions to the Traveling Bullet Journal

There have been a total of 22 contributers to this Bullet Journal. That makes me the 23th and for now I’m also the last one before it’s great adventure to the United States! What an honour! And what an amazing designs are in this book. Take a look at my favorites in the photo gallery below.

My Pages in the Traveling Bullet Journal

It is now my turn! What should I make in this notebook? A beautifully designed Monthly? Some beautiful dailies or some doodles? I got so many ideas and only two pages to fill in, this is going to be quite a challenge!

I really want to give the best for this Bullet Journal, because the traveling Bullet Journal is going to be auctioned and the money is going to a charity. It’s great to be part of something good and that’s why I love the Bullet Journal, the community and blogging so much!

I’m going to work on it and I will keep you updated through Social Media and my of course my blog!

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Natascha is the designer and illustrator behind Planning Routine. She inspires people to start their own Bullet Journal or Planner. To make this easier, she has opened an Etsy shop with planner stickers and printables.

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