My Summer Bullet Journal

Today I want to tell you something about how I use my Bullet Journal during the summer. In the past weeks I had just a few appointments and tasks. Of course, because it is holiday! Some people abandon the Bullet Journal during these times, but I have found the perfect way to still use my book. I present to you: my summer Bullet Journal!

During the holidays I’ve been to many places. little trips, night outs and a week to south France. I noticed I didn’t need my notebook that much during the summer. I wanted to use my Bullet Journal, because I like to write and draw in it. When our new laserprinter came, which I also use to make stickers, I was able to print beautiful photos. And then the idea for a summer Bullet Journal was born.

Traveling Preparation

Before I go in on why I use the laserprinter for it, I first want to show a page I used for my trip to south France. I made a separate page with important phone numbers, boarding times and flight numbers and addresses and names of different corporations involved with our journey. One page with all the information you need for the trip. This way you won’t have to search through all your travel documents to find that number you need. Handy!

Biscarosse and Holiday Information Page from Planning Routine

Beautiful Moments and Memories

Dagboek gedeelte van Vakantie Bullet Journal van Planning RoutineBeside the information I also captured all the beautiful moments. I started writing down all the fun things I did, comparable with a diary. I do this normally also, as can be seen in my dailies, but this time it’s a lot more then normal. At the end of the day I take moment to write it all down.

As you can see I used a whole page to summaries the day. Add a nice weather symbol and the temperature of the day and the first part of my summer Bullet Journal is finished. Well, almost…

A Picture Says More then A 1000 Words

Foto gedeelte van Vakantie Bullet Journal van Planning RoutineThe idea for a summer Bullet Journal was born at the print. To give the texts more feeling I printed out the most beautiful photos on sticker paper. This way I could stick the photos where I wanted without glue or tape.

A photo says way more then just a text. It’s way more fun to read a text if you have a picture with it. It’s also fun to let your friends and family read and see what you’ve done during the summer.

How do you use your Bullet Journal during holidays?

Is your Bullet Journal looking different during holidays and do you have some good ideas? Share them in the comment section below!

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