The Green Notebook For Every Day Use: GreenBook Review

You can’t imagine how much I’ve enjoyed using this product. It’s beautiful, durable and handy! What I’m talking about? The GreenBook of course! This is a reusable notebook that, if you maintain it well, can be used a lifetime! In this review I want to show you for who th..e notebook is suitable and how I’m using it.

A Modular Erasable Notebook

Do you know those notes and braindumps you make during meetings, at school or at home? I made a lot of those scribbles: during college at the university, while making homework or during meetings at work.

For all those things that keep their value for only a short amount of time and don’t need to be maintained, the GreenBook is perfect. You can write all these scribbles down in this erasable notebook. And when you’re done with them, just wipe the page and you have a brand new book you can use for your next meeting, college or shoppinglist.

GreenBook Todo List

The GreenBook is modular: the ring system makes it very easy to add or remove new pages. By default the book is packed with blank or line pages, but it’s very easy to add planners, habit trackers and to-do lists. This way you can fully customize the GreenBook to your needs.

My Experiences with the GreenBook

Our Review Book

Greenspray & Whiteboard CleanerA couple of months ago I received a review copy from Greenstory. They’ve added a cleaning spray, a cleaning cloth, white board markers in different colors and several different pages. By default you can buy the GreenBook with line or blank pages, but Greenstory added a few extra different pages for me to show you. Our review copy is A5 sized.

Every Greenbook is shipped with a  cleaningspray, cloth and a whiteboard marker.

The Notebook

The notebook feels sturdy and you can take it with you without having to worry about wrinkling and tearing your notebook. The front of the notebook lost a bit of its initial shine over time, but keep in mind I’ve used the notebook for a few months now.

If you really want to stand out with your GreenBook, you can personalize your GreenBook with vinyl stickers. Companies can also customize the GreenBook with their own designs and logos. The perfect way to show you are a responsible business!

The Pages

This is the real strength of the GreenBook. The pages feel like thin whiteboards. They are durable and have a nice smooth surface for writing. After using it for a few months, the pages still look brand new.

GreenBook Daily Spread

For a lot of people the default GreenBook with blank or linepages will probably enough, but if you want to get a little extra out of your GreenBook, you can buy extra pages. There is plenty of choice, for Bullet Journalists and general use: from to-do lists to monthly calendars and from habit trackers to dot grids.

Personally, I use the dotgrid a lot, because it allows me to make your own designs very easily. The to-do lists are handy too! I use the GreenBook while playing board games to make some notes, for my shopping lists and while I’m studying. I use the calendars as weekly spreads, but with a little twist:

GreenBook Weekly Spread

The Whiteboard Marker: Steadler Lumocolor Correctable

Greenstory adds a Staedtler Lumocolor Correctable with a fine nib with the GreenBook. It is a nice marker to write with, although it took a little to get used too after using my fountain pens. At the back of the marker is an eraser for small mistakes. It works fine while on the go, but you definitely need to spray to clean the page after some use.

This is not a problem in practice. If you’re done with the page and don’t need the content anymore, just use the spray and cloth to clean the page. It will be as brand new again!

What are you waiting for?

The GreenBook is a sustainable, pretty and handy notebook. Everybody will use it a bit different, but no matter if you’re a student or work, this book is perfect! Just some quick notes here and a to-do list there: it’s all possible.

If you like being environmental and safe money, I can definitely recommend the GreenBook. The first buy is a bit more than a classic notebook, but you can use it so much longer than a regular notebook. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Order the GreenBook on Our Green Story now!

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