Bye Bye Facebook: Why We Are Not On Facebook Anymore

This is not newsworthy anymore. One privacy scandal after the other. We don’t like to part of that! That’s why we are not on Facebook anymore. In this post I want to share my reasons why it was time for me to say: BYE BYE FACEBOOK!!

Facebook: Privacy Scandals

Some time ago, Cambridge Analytica was the hot topic after it was clear that they’ve misused the data of 87 million. As a reminder for those who haven’t read about it: this data was used to manipulate the American Elections of 2016.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, because Facebook knows literally everything, about everyone. The Dutch comedian and satirist Arjen Lubach explained everything that is wrong about Facebook. You should really watch his show (You can enable English subtitles).

Why did I left Facebook?

I was a daily user of Facebook. Whenever I had nothing to do, I opened up the Facebook application on my phone. When I was bored, I noticed I was already scrolling through my news feed with my right thumb. After a little five minutes I come to the realisation: What have I been looking at? Facebook had me distracted for another few minutes of my life!

While I didn’t consider myself to be an active user, I realized I was a lot on Facebook . I did wanted to quit, because “then you miss all the good stuff”, but with the privacy scandals I made the decision: Bye Bye Facebook!

What I Miss About Facebook

This must a shock for some, but: Absolutely Nothing! I still need to get used to that I don’t have Facebook anymore, especially when I have nothing to do, but I noticed that I use my time a lot better. I use these little moments to really rest a little or to chat a little with my boyfriend and friends.

Facebook takes a hand and gives nothing back!

Say “Bye Bye Facebook”!

That I’m not on Facebook anymore, also means that Planning Routine is not on Facebook anymore. This was quite a big step, but I’m glad that I, and thus Planning Routine, made this choice. Care about your free time, privacy and calmness: Say Bye bye Facebook!

Arjen Lubach organised a Bye Bye Facebook Event!
Quit Facebook on Wednesday at 20:00!

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4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Facebook: Why We Are Not On Facebook Anymore”

  • You did not even publish my comment yesterday with links to “how to back up Your data on Facebook”, this was useful ! I was about to quit fb through your request with the invite of a Dutch friend but asked myself how to back Up my data from FB, proabaly as many as your folllowers, I found the way, wanted to Share it with your followers and you did not deserve publishing it. Why ??
    By bye Lubach

    • Hi Chouet! Thank you for your comment and feedback. We really didn’t got the comment in our ‘conversation’ dashboard. Let me explain and hopefully you understand why your comment was not released.
      Since we use WordPress for this blog and the comment section is getting spammed all the time by advertisers and bots, we have a very strict spamfilter which automatically filters out all the comments with links in it, to prevent this kind of spamming.

      That said: you can always send the links you wanted to share with the world by mailing them to us at [email protected]. I will make sure that you get a shoutout, we always welcome helpful comments! 🙂

  • I’m not on Facebook either. I got sick of everyone seeing
    everything I commented on. If it was a comment in anger,
    I would get texts from family members asking why I wrote whatever I wrote. Plus, I send friend requests + messages to people I know and they never replied. It’s just become so boring. No one has anything relevant to say. Anything I posted, no one replied or even understood.

    • For us it was a matter of principle, privacy and getting back valuable time spent on the platform, only to scroll through the newsfeed. It was a much more valuable platform a few years ago, but it seems advertisers take over.

      Also the reason why we do not serve ads on this blog btw. 🙂

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