About Planning Routine

We love to have everything organized. Planning your work and getting things done. That’s why we are ‘Planning Routine’. Being organized for us means having a clear mind and knowing what tasks needs to be done. You will find the inspiration to achieve this yourself!

We are Planning Routine

I, Natascha, started Bullet Journaling in May 2016. When I posted my pictures on Instagram there was a lot of interest and within no-time I had a lot of followers, wow!  I decided to write about my experiences in a blog: Planning Routine was born. Together with my boyfriend Robbin I write about organization, planning and my Bullet Journal!

A lot has changed since the beginning: the site got a complete overhaul, I started selling stickers so you can also enjoy my drawings and spreads at home!

What is on Planning Routine?



We love beautiful things. Nice drawings and original ideas are things that make us excited. Of course we love to share this with you. Sparkle your creativity with drawings, handlettering and more!

Organization tips

We believe that an organized mind and a clear vision of your tasks make a better life. That’s you find tips to stay organized.

“After you have prioritized and you start working, knowing that what you are doing is the most important thing for you to be doing at that moment is surprisingly powerful.”
― Daniel J. Levitin

Bullet Journal Tips

Want to start a Bullet Journal? Do you already have one, but want something more? Then you’ve come to the right place! Find all the inspiration for spreads, collections and tips to make your own notebook more yours.


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