Welcome to Planning Routine. We are Natascha and Robbin, the designers and illustrators behind this blog.

Planning Routine is a place to get inspired. We publish a lot about the Bullet Journal, planning, organization and more. We believe that everybody can plan and get organized.

More About Us

Who is Natascha?

About Natascha
I’m Natascha, a 21 year old education student and planner lover. I live together with Robbin in the Netherlands. That’s why you probably don’t understand everything in my notebook.

I started my first Bullet Journal at the beginning of May 2016, and have been hooked ever since. A few weeks later I started to share pictures of my notebook on Instagram and I had so much fun with it. I decided to combine my passion for writing and organization and started with Planning Routine. It started with a blog and now we are proud owners of our own Etsy Shop!

Who is Robbin?About Robbin

I’m a 22 years old computer science student. I have passion for everything that is digital and that’s why I helped setting up this blog.

After Natascha had the idea to set up a blog, I helped her in choosing the right software, hosting and everything that is needed to get up and running! I write posts every once in a while that differ in subject, but are mostly digital related.

Fun Facts About Us

  • We live in a different city then Amsterdam. Because, yes, there’s still a bunch of people that think that the Netherlands equals Amsterdam. But there are so much more beautiful cities in the Netherlands! You should come to visit!
  • We are happy owners of our little friend Rex! A one year old Rex-rabbit.
  • Natascha can’t get enough of doodles, drawing, painting and reading.
  • When we are not going to work, university or working on the blog, you will find us walking in the forest or playing board games.

Let’s be Friends!

So now that you’ve learned a little bit about us, we’d love to know more about you! So let’s be friends!

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