What is Bullet Journaling

A lot of people know it. You have a ton of different systems to organize your life: a calendar, a cleaning schedule, a diary, a birthday calendar and a lot of post-its with reminders, deadlines and notes. There is information everywhere and it’s everything but organized. But there is a solution…

The Bullet Journal

Everything that is said before is history with the Bullet Journal. You can write down everything in this selfmade ‘calendar’. No more post-its, but everything conveniently in one Journal!

A Bullet Journal can be totally adjusted to your own style. You can make it very basic are you can go crazy with colors, drawings and handlettering! However, don’t get distracted by the many creations and pages you’ll find online, because a Bullet Journal is suitable for everyone!

Why would you use a Bullet Journal?

You can write down everything in you Bullet Journal. Tasks, appointments, reminder and other important things to remember can all be put in one notebook. The idea of a Bullet Journal is that you make a calendar every day. This way you will always have enough space to write down all your tasks and appointments. No day is the same, so the amount of space you need varies every day.

The Bullet Journal is totally personal and is different for everyone. The notebook of your best friend can be totally different then yours. It gives you a clear mind, because you write down everything out of your head. The fun part is that you read back all your memories after a few year.

A Bullet Journal is very personal, use example as an inspiration, but follow your heart and create your own style.

Time Tracker in Planning Routine Bullet Journal

What do you need?

To start a Bullet Journal you will only need a notebook and a pen. A book with a dot grid is ideal, because it makes it very easy to make your own layouts. You can use your notebook vertically and horizontally.

Furthermore it can be very handy to have a ruler, a pencil and an eraser. This way you can sketch your pages before you make them permanent with a pen. You can also make it beautiful with different kind of pens, stickers, pencils or washi tape.

On this page you will find all my favorite Bullet Journal essentials. The most beautiful fountains pens till the highest quality notebooks all on 1 page.

How do you use a Bullet Journal?

The basics are very simple. A task is marked with a bullet, an appointment with a circle and a note with a dash. If a task is finished you cross the bullet. This way you can always see what is done and what you still need to do. At the end of day you can write down everything you’ve done. This way the Bullet Journal is also turned into a diary.

The Bullet Journal uses different spreads to organize everything. On this page you’ll find some commonly used spreads.