Daily Spread

On this page you will find everything you need to know about daily spread. What is a daily spread and how do you use it? Read ahead to find out!

What is a daily spread?

Daily Spread in Planning Routine Bullet Journal

The daily spread is one of the most important parts of the Bullet Journal. It’s the place where you write down everything that is in your head. All the tasks and appointments that you have that day are written down in a daily. You use the bullets from your key to indicate what kind of task it is. On this page you can find out more about that!

Start by writing down the current day and date. Then write down all the tasks and appointments. If you have another tasks, write it down. This way you will always have a clear mind, because you can forget about it. It’s already written down anyway! You can now focus on things that are more important that moment.

My daily spread

I mostly use the same layout everyday. When I have a very busy college week I use a time tracker to get a cleared overview of my day. You can read more about the time tracker on this page. Below the time tracker are all my tasks and appointments. At the end of day I write down what I’ve ¬†experienced and have done that day, just like a diary. I find it really exciting to preserve all my memories and read them back after a while!

In the summer or during holidays are my dailies a little bit different. I don’t have as much tasks and I write a lot more about my day. Sometimes, I like to add photos to my pages to better preserve my memories. I use a quality laserprinter and stickerpaper, the same I use for my stickershop, for the photos.

The daily spread can be customized to fit your style, just like any other spread. You can add the weather of that day or track the amount of water you drank for example.

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