Monthly Spread

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about monthly spreads. What is a monthly spread and how do you use it? Read ahead if you want to know!

What is a Monthly Spread?

The monthly spread is an overview for one month. It usually uses up two pages: one for the calendar and one with all your tasks. Just like any other spread you can add or remove things from the monthly spread. You can make just the way you want!

The search for my ultimate monthly spread was very challenging! In the beginning I searched online to get some inspiration. My first monthly spreads were all very different. This way I was able to determine my perfect spread. It took me more then four months before I finally settled with my current monthly, but still I tweak things here and there.

My Monthly Spread

Monthly Spread van Planning RoutineOn the picture you can see how I dive my monthly spread into separate columns and sections. I struggled with the original one column layout, because I had a lot of tasks every day. The overview was lost pretty quickly! I chose to make different columns for study, work and my personal tasks.

The first column is for my college times. In one glance I’m able to see which days I’m free for other tasks and when I have to go to the university. In the work column I write down the hours I have to work. I also write down the tasks for Planning Routine and our Etsy shop. The last column, personal, is for personal appointments, like going to family and friends!

Below the columns are sections for my goals. I write down everything I want to achieve, personally and with Planning Routine. Next to the goals you can see a section where I write down important appointments and tasks that are coming next month, like birthdays or deadlines.

Monthly Spread van Planning Routine

The last column is a special column in my Monthly Spread. I’ve transformed the tasks list into a habit tracker. The icons represent things I’ve done well that day. This gives me a clear image of my routines and tasks that are forgotten.

On this page I’ll explain more about the habit tracker.

Variations off the Monthly Spread

Everyone has it’s own monthly spread. What is great for one, can be worthless for the other. The same applies to the layout of this spread. Over the last months I’ve develop a monthly spread that is perfect for my lifestyle, but it can be very different for you.


I still make changes to my spread every once in a while. In my second Nuuna notebook, I choose to put all the monthlies in the front of the book. This way I have a yearly overview at the start of my Bullet Journal and I’m able to plan appointments in the far future without needing another separate spread. Perfect!

Need some help?

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