Weekly Spread


On this page you can find everything you want to know about weekly spreads. Learn about what a weekly spread is and how you can use it!

What is a weekly spread?

Weekly Spread van Planning RoutineThe weekly spread is an overview of one week. There are a lot of different kind of spread you can use. Most of the time a weekly consist of one or two pages. You can add a lot of fun things to this spread!

This spread is great example of a spread that is not suitable for everyone. It can give you a great overview, but it can feel as ‘yet another’ spread to make in your Bullet Journal. There is a great possibility that you have to write down a task three times: in your daily, weekly and monthly! Not everybody needs a weekly spread in the Bullet Journal, but for busy people it can be very handy.

My weekly spread

Weekly Spread met Time Tracker van Planning RoutineIt took over 6 months to make a weekly spread that worked for me. I removed the spread from my Bullet Journal a few times, just to find I was missing an overview. I’ve decided to simplify the weekly with a time tracker overview and it worked perfect for me!

My weekly spread consist of one and sometimes two pages. If I have two pages, I’ll use the left for my goals and tasks and the right page to plan when I’m going to do what. Every section represents a day (except for the weekend) with all the tasks. It has a little place where I can write down some tasks. Below that is the time tracker where I can plan all my tasks. This way I can decide how much I’m able to do every day.

Do you want to know more about the time tracker and the color codes  I’m using? Check out this page!


I use my weekly most of the time for tasks and goals, but you can use it for a lot more! Just to give you some ideas:

  • Water tracker
  • Sleep tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Notes
  • Task list
  • Goals of the week

Need some help?

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