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I’m Natascha: student, author of my own book and Bullet Journalist. Get inspired to have your own personalized notebook and learn all about creative spreads, drawings and more. You can find it all here at Planning Routine.

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Discover inspiration, tips and creativity for your notebook!

Bye Bye Facebook

Bye Bye Facebook: Why We Are Not On Facebook Anymore

This is not newsworthy anymore. One privacy scandal after the other. We don’t like to part of that! That’s why we are not on Facebook anymore. In this post I want to share my reasons why it was time for me to say: BYE BYE FACEBOOK!! Facebook: Privacy Scandals Some time ago, Cambridge Analytica was […]

greenbook whiteboard notebook a5

The Green Notebook For Every Day Use: GreenBook Review

You can’t imagine how much I’ve enjoyed using this product. It’s beautiful, durable and handy! What I’m talking about? The GreenBook of course! This is a reusable notebook that, if you maintain it well, can be used a lifetime! In this review I want to show you for who th..e notebook is suitable and how […]

Planning Routine is Back

Planning Routine is Back!

It’s been a while since our last post. It’s been silent for a couple of months, but we’re back! In this post I want to share with you why we’ve been a little quiet and what you expect from Planning Routine in the future. Exclusive promo code at the end of this article! Read ahead! […]

Hartje Notebook Sticker van Planning Routine

Stickers to Make your Notebook Totally yours

The time from boring notebooks is behind us! We have just added unique stickers to the shop to cheer up your notebook. Want to know what these stickers are? Read ahead!

Planning Routine Sticker Shop

Find handmade high quality stickers for your notebook at our shop. Worldmaps, headers and drawings in different sizes, all printed on high quality stickerpaper. Shop here all our stickers! Worldwide shipping!

Wereldkaarten Planning Routine Stickers

Worldmap Stickers Travel Tracker

Monthly Planner Bundle

Monthly Planner Bundle Planner Stickers

Books to Read Planning Routine Stickers

Books to Read Planner Stickers

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Who is Planning Routine

Planning Routine is founded by Natascha en Robbin. Together they write blogposts, make the most beautiful pictures of Natascha’s Bullet Journal and make stickers for your own notebook!

Natascha Kranenburg

Natascha Kranenburg

Designer and Bullet Journalist

Natascha is the writer, designer and Bullet Journalist of Planning Routine. Since May 2016 she is a fanatic user of her Bullet Journal.

Robbin Voortman

Robbin Voortman

Webdesigner and writer

Robbin writes blogposts, maintains the website and external contacts. He is co-owner of Planning Routine and helps with making stickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which notebook do you use?

I use the Nuuna A5+ notebook. The paper is really white and the books are sold in a lot of beautiful designs.

What pens do you use?

I use a lot of different pens, like the Lamy Vista and Muji Pens. See the supplies page to find out all my favorite supplies!

What do you sell on your Etsy shop?

I’m selling all kinds of stickers for your notebook. Calendars, spreads, drawings and more!

Do you send your stickers worldwide?

Yes we ship worldwide with a fixed price for everyone!

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