On this page you will find inspiration for your notebook or Bullet Journal. From different collections to nice ideas, it’s all here!

Habit Tracker

Monthly Spread van Planning Routine

In a habit tracker you can track all your habits! It’s perfect to get a clear overview of all you good and bad habits.By keeping a habit tracker you are more conscience of your behavings.

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Time Trackers

Time Tracker in Planning Routine Bullet JournalA time tracker is a simple strip in the Bullet Journal with all the hours of the day written in it. You fill it in with colors. This way you will know exactly how your doing is going to look like!

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Made me Happy Today

Made me Happy Today page by Planning RoutineKeeping your memories is beautiful and fun for later times. But keeping a diary or writing these memories is not always easy or simple to do. By making a ‘made me happy today’ page you have an easy way to remember all your beautiful moments.

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