Made me Happy Today Inspiration

Looking for some new inspiration for your notebook? The ‘Made me Happy Today’ page might be a nice addition then! A simple page that makes you happy.

What is ‘Made me Happy Today’?

Keeping your memories is beautiful and fun for later times. But keeping a diary or writing these memories is not always easy or simple to do. By making a ‘made me happy today’ page every month, you can have an easy way to remember all your beautiful moments.

It is really simple to use. At the end of the day you write down two things that made you happy. That’s it, nothing more! It’s very handy when you have limited time or don’t want to write down long stories in for example your diary or Bullet Journal.

Why a Made me Happy Today page?

Made me Happy Today page by Planning Routine

There are a lot of reasons why everyone should have a Made me Happy Today page.

  1. By thinking about all the positive things at the end of your day, you’ll appreciate the little things more and the amount of things you can think of.
  2. Reading back your happy moments make you feel better after a sad day.
  3. People tend to forget things they’ve done pretty quickly. Now it’s capture and you can read it back at any moment!
  4. You learn to appreciate the small things. Not only ‘big things’ are welcome, but also the small things deserve a place on this memories page.

In my Made me Happy Today pages I write two positive things every day. Remember and writing down two things is not very difficult, but the page may look different for everyone. Do you want to write more memories a day? Choose five things! Or do you prefer a more simple approach, write down 1 positive thing. As long as you’ll appreciate all your beautiful moments every day.

Need some help?

Do you want your own made me happy today page? Is it not clear where to start? Just contact us!