Time Tracker Inspiration

In my Bullet Journal you’ll find time trackers at different spots. At the top of my daily spread, but also in my weekly spread you can find them! The time trackers with the color codes give a clear overview of how I have planned my day. It’s possible to see how much time I have left for other tasks in just a blink of an eye!

What is a Time Tracker?

Time Tracker in Planning Routine Bullet Journal

A time tracker is just a simple strip in the Bullet Journal with all the hours of the day written in it. You fill it in with colors. Every color stands for a different task. These colors stay the same everywhere in your Bullet Journal. It’s important to remember what each of them represent, so write them down at the beginning of your Bullet Journal, in your key for example, so you won’t forget them. A tip: make every color visually different from each other. Different shades of the same color can cause confusing.

I use the following colors in my time tracker:

  • Blue: sleep
  • Green: work
  • Orange: study
  • Purple: appointment
  • Red: traveling

Of course you can use totally different colors then I did. Just make it fit for your lifestyle. A color that represents study while you are not even studying anymore is not very handy. Think about what kind of tasks take up most of your time and determine what colors and corresponding tasks fit your life.

Variation in the Time Tracker

Weekly Spread met Time Tracker van Planning RoutineThere are a lot of different ways to use a time tracker. You can differ the length for example. Some prefer to only write down the hours that you are awake or at work. It’s also possible to make different designs. I prefer a minimal design with straight lines, but there are an infinite amount of other example online!

Need some help?

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