My favorite Bullet Journal supplies. These are the supplies I recommend to everybody!
Now they’re easy to find in one place!


nuuna notebook

The current notebook I’m using is the Nuuna Graphic L Notebook. This is a  large dotted grid notebook and it’s slightly bigger than A5. This notebook has everything to be the perfect Bullet Journal notebook! The NUUNA notebooks are beautiful and available in limited edition prints. The quality of the paper is also perfect and it’s WHITE! It’s nice and thick and the paper doesn’t bleed through.

Other brands:


faber castell

My all time favorite fineliners are the Faber-Castell PITT Artist pensThey come in range of colors with a variety of nibs (superfine, fine, medium and brush). At the moment I use the superfine and fine pen in black. And when I say black I mean really, really black! The ink itself is Indian Ink, is PH neutral, acid-free, and waterproof. Also, the ink dries in a few seconds and doesn’t bleed through the paper!

steadtler pigment liners

For writing in my Bullet Journal, I prefer the Staedtler Pigment Liners in size 0,05mm and 0,1mm. I bought those pens in a set of six because I wanted a smaller nib size. The smaller nibs are perfect for writing between the dots of the NUUNA notebook I told about before. The Steadtler Pigment Liners are also waterproof and lightfast.

Other brands:

Add some colors

tombow dual brush

I use the Tombow Dual Brush markers Color to add some color to my Bullet Journal. Tombow has a large scale of colors, they also sell them in grayscale.

The brush markers have a brush tip on one end and a marker tip on the other.
While these pens are a bit on the expensive side, they last really long and the quality is perfect. There are a lot more colors of Dual Brush markers on my wishlist!

Zebra Mildliners have these mild & fluorescent highlighters that are just so lovely and gives the right touch of pastel yumminess.


Fountain pens

fountain pens
Lamy Vista
The Lamy Vista, my very first fountain pen for my Bullet Journal. For those who aren’t familiar, the Lamy Vista is basically a see through version of the Lamy Safari. The Lamy Vista is a beauty, with a clear plastic body that shows off all of the pen’s inner workings. Although the body is completely plastic, the pen is made well and feels sturdy in hand.

Pilot Metropolitan

I really like writing with the Lamy Vista. But as you can see in my Bullet Journal pictures I love to use more colors instead of one. So, after a little research I bought a Pilot Metropolitan in Turquoise with medium nib. I wanted to buy the pen with a fine nib, but Pilot doesn’t sell fine nib fountain pens in Europe.


My Pilot Metropolitan is filled with black bottled ink from J. Herbin. I bought this ink because Noodler’s doesn’t sell in Europe. So I had to order Noodler’s online and it took some time to get to me. But J. Herbin didn’t disappoint me at all! the ink is very black and doesn’t smug on the paper.

My Lamy Vista is filled with Noodler’s Bulletproof Black ink. The waiting took some time but the quality of this ink is perfect! It’s really black and, like the name says, bulletproof.

Colored Pencils

steadtler noris club colored-pencils

For coloring I like to use my Staedtler Noris Club colored pencils. The quality is great and the colors are beautiful and bright.

Other brands: