Terms and Conditions

This document is updated at 15 September 2016.


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  1.  By using the services on //planningroutine.com/, called ‘blog’ from now on, you accept these Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully before using the blog.
  2. If you don’t accept these Terms and Conditions, please stop using some or all of the services provided.
  3. This blog is a ‘free-to-read’ inspirational and informative site. All information provided here comes without any warranty and we are not responsible for any damage you might cause by information on this blog.
  4. Although the blog is ‘free-to-read’, it is supported by ads and contains some affiliate links to provide income. You are free to use an adblocker to block the ads: we will not block you or provide a lesser experience than users who don’t use an adblocker.


By using this blog you accept that we use ‘cookies’ to analyse our page and to place advertisements. You are free to use ‘ad-blockers’ and/or ‘track blockers’ like ghostery, adblock plus or ublock.
You may comment on posts, but keep it informative and clean. New users will be moderated. We will not sell your data to third parties and we will not use it for any other use then to provide you with requested information.
This blog may contain affiliate links. These links are going to products we use. If you buy those products we get a commision; the costs are the same for you!


You are free to place comments on every place. We stimulate comments that are informative and really add value to the content. However please take note of the rules.


  1. You are not allowed to place comments:
    • with links to spam, affiliates or marketing sites.
    • with links to illegal activities or that could stimulate illegal activities by other users.
    • that contain racism, hate or discrimation.
    • that are way off-topic.
    • that could be considerate spam by users or the moderators.
    • that could offend someone or in any other way not relevant to the post’ topic.
    • that repeat the previous comment.
  2. You are free and stimulated to place comments:
    • that add value to the content.
    • with feedback to the post.
    • to comment to the post’ author.
    • that lead to on-topic discussions or conversations.
  3. Your name may not contain references to other pages. For example: “Maria @ How to Bullet Journal”. This will be removed from your name.
  4. When breaking one of the rules the comment could be deleted or considered spam. Your comment will be silently ignored. When breaking the rules too often you’re ability to comment will be taken away. You can still use the blog’s other services.
  5. By commenting you accept that your comment may or may not be used by the author of the post or the webmaster to improve the content and/or experience of other users.


  1. The following comments are always moderated:
    • comments that contain outgoing links.
    • comments by authors that are not moderated before.
    • comments that are considered ‘too long’ by our system.
    • comments that contain a word that is in our (growing) blacklist.
  2. When posting ‘good’ comments regularly, moderation becomes less strict for you. Keep your comments informative!
  3. Although we try to moderate every comment within 24 hours, we can’t guarantee that it will indeed be moderated within 24 hours.
  4. When your comment is declined and you believe this is an error, you can contact us. See ‘Contact’ for more information about this.

Links to other pages

  1. This blog may contain links to other pages. We make sure the website behind the link is safe and secure at the moment of posting. We do not guarantee that links stay safe and secure after posting. If you found a misbehaving link or website you can contact us by using the form at our contact page.
  2. This blog may contain so-called affiliate links. These links go to pages that offer products that are used by the author. You are free to purchase these products. If you choose to buy the product, we get a small fee to make sure we can keep the server going.


  1. For terms and conditions regarding privacy, please read our privacy policy.


  1. If you want to give feedback about this blog, the content or the Terms & Condition, you are free to contact us through the contact form or by email: [email protected].
    We try to reply as fast as possible and most of the time this is done within 48 hours, but please take note that it can take up to 14 days before we answer your message.